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Logging on

DeepSense has two login nodes, and . You can access these through SSH with your username and password from any computer on campus.

For example, you can connect to the DeepSense platform by typing ssh, where username is your CSID, just like logging on to any other network computer.

Note: The login nodes are intended for testing and compiling code. Please don’t run long or intensive computation on these nodes. Keep reading for instructions on how to submit compute jobs to dedicated compute nodes.


To connect to the DeepSense platform from outside of the Dalhousie Campus, you'll need to use a VPN. If you are are student, staff or faculty, you can use the Dalhousie VPN (

If you are not a Dalhousie staff, student, or faculty but require offsite access and cannot use the Dalhousie VPN then contact your project leader or ( to make different arrangements.

For more info, see VPN Setup.