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For potential new industry or academic partners

If you are interested in the DeepSense ocean innovation platform then please visit and contact ( for more information on starting a DeepSense project.

For students interested in working on current DeepSense projects

Please contact the ( if you are interested in working on current or future DeepSense projects.

For technical support with the DeepSense platform

Contact ( Your issue will be submitted to our ticket tracking queue and responded to promptly. It would be very helpful if you provide the following information for us to help you solve your problems:

1. Your full name
2. Your username on DeepSense
3. If the problem is about your cloud instance, please send along with project details
4. Descriptions of your problems/questions
5. The exact error messages
6. Screen shots of your output or errors


We maintain a mailing list for deepsense users

The mailing list is primarily intended to provide information such as service interruptions or important updates.

During the onboarding process you should be added to the mailing list. If you are not on the mailing list and wish to be added you can visit the above link or send us an email using one of the above methods.