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Students working on a DeepSense project will generally be given data by the industry partner. However, if you want to test out our system and don't have data yet, there are many resources available. Additionally, you may want to add other data sources to expand your data. This is a list of external data sources.

Oceans Datasets

  1. CIOOS - Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System. This is a newly created Canadian entity. Data that is collected by others, such as academic researchers, is being collated there with meta data available for users.
  2. The Ocean Observatories Initiative
  3. DFO databases
  4. Bedford Institute of Oceanography (BIO) – This has many different databases. You have to request access, and can’t download the datasets, as they are too big. You have to formulate a query, and will be e-mailed the results. But, they do have a lot of historical data, some dating back 100 years.
    • BioChem is a national Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) archive for plankton and chemical data.
    • Hydrographic  Over 850,000 temperature-salinity profiles for the Northwest Atlantic from 1920 to January 2010. Requests for more up-to-date data may be made online by completing the Data Request Form.
    • Coastal Time Series  Daily temperatures from over 3000 inshore moored thermographs from the East Coast of Canada.
    • Ocean Colour Database Satellite derived (SeaWiFS) ocean colour for the Northwest Atlantic from 1997 to present.
    • Ocean Data Inventory  Inventory of moored current meters, thermographs and tide gauges from the East Coast of Canada, 1960 to present.
    • Sea-surface Temperature Satellite derived (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration / Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer from Jet Propulsion Laboratory) sea-surface temperature for the Northwest Atlantic from 1982 to present.
  5. Google Datasets
  6. Nova Scotia Open Data - lots of non-ocean data sets, as well
  7. Smart Atlantic - This program operates several buoys throughout Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and New Brunswick. There is range of data available from each buoy. Some buoys are more reliable than others. If you have an interest in exploring this data, talk to us. We may help brainstorm some areas of focus.
  8. NOAA - The national ocean and atmospheric association has a range of areas to explore, from weather, to marine and aviation to fisheries. You may have to dig a little.
  9. ESA - The European Space Agency has several satellites in orbit. Here is the most useful one.

Non-Oceans Datasets

  1. BigQuery public datasets
  2. UCI ML repository
  3. NASA Open Data
  4. Canadian Government Open Data
  5. Nova Scotia Open Data - lots of ocean data sets, as well
  6. Registry of Research Data Repositories
  7. KD Nuggets - Links to lots of datasets