Introduction to Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is not the future, but already the present. Garner reports that by 2025, 95% of new digital workloads will utilize cloud-native platforms, and more than 85% of organizations will embrace a cloud-first principle. Cloud revenue was also estimated to surpass non-cloud revenue bringing forth the need for skilled cloud computing professionals in the IT industry.

What is Cloud Computing?

In short words, cloud computing is the delivery of the computing resources as a service. The computing resources include storage (object and network shared storages), databases (SQL and NoSQL databases), compute power (virtual machines, serverless, and Kubernetes), and networking (virtual private cloud). A person can access all what the on-premise data centres could offer in cloud.

Is cloud easy to use?

It may cause a person a bit uncertain to use cloud for the first time. You, as a user, don't have to be a cloud expert to use the cloud services. This is very similar to that you can drive a car but don't know how to assemble a car. You simply tell us your technical requirements of your machine learning or data processing projects, and we will setup the cloud storage and compute environment for you. We will guide you through how to use it to train your machine learning models or process your data. The learning curve is way shorter than that of the on-premise data centres.

Is my data secure in cloud?

Security is always the biggest concern for everyone. Your data won't be safe anywhere as long as you don't have professionals to secure it. Almost all data breaches were caused by humans, but not technologies. At DeepSense, we apply the best practices of security measures to make sure your data is secure. Your data is encrypted both at rest and in transit. We also follow the principle of least privileges to make sure only you can access your data.
When we use storage in cloud, we not only make your data secure, but also durable. For example, the super high durability of AWS S3 storage guarantees that the probability of the data loss is below 0.00000000001%.

Do my jobs have to wait for compute resources in a queue?

Due to the "unlimited" resources in cloud, you never wait for your resources in a queue. There are always available resources for you to use. As long as you make your data and machine learning models ready, the wait time is "zero".

Here we list the characteristics of cloud computing if you would like to learn more about it.

1. "Unlimited" storage
2. High elasticity and scalability
3. Adequate services
4. Huge network access
5. Pay-per-use pricing
6. Hight resiliency and availability
7. On-demand service
8. Zero maintenance
9. Fine-grained reporting service
10. Security
11. Automation
12. Customizable and flexible payment structure
13. Work from anywhere
14. Cost-saving
15. Highly customizable monitoring structure and logging system

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