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General Principles

DeepSense resources are provided to enhance the ocean analytics economy in Nova Scotia. Users must conform to ethical standards, follow all applicable laws and regulations, and follow all applicable Acceptable Use Policies

University Acceptable Use Policies

The use of DeepSense resources is subject to the Dalhousie University and Faculty of Computer Science Acceptable Use Policies:

Resource Priority

DeepSense is intended for academic and commercial partnerships for oceans analytics and priority will be given to these projects. Others uses may be approved for training and entrepreneurial projects but are subject to available resources and it may be necessary at times to reduce the resources allocated to such use.

Protection of Data

All your data and backups are stored in Canada.

Aspects of data management will follow industry best practices (as determined by DeepSense staff) unless specific arrangements are agreed for your project.

Your data will be stored and protected for the duration of your project and a short grace period thereafter. It is your responsibility to safeguard and delete your data after your project is terminated. Alternative arrangements can be made to accomodate longer storage or sharing data between projects.

Data Access

Members of your project team with deepsense accounts can access your team's data.

Data Storage

Data is stored for the duration of your project unless you request deletion sooner. Deletion requests will be confirmed with the project lead.


All project data is confidential to your project team.

Acknowledging DeepSense

Please acknowledge DeepSense when publishing results that used DeepSense resources, including computing hardware, computing software, and staff expertise.