Backup Policies

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Backup policy

The home and data filesystems are backed up every day. The scratch filesystem is not backed up.

Each evening home and data (in addition to software, and other things) is backed up. Our backup server keeps seven versions of each file. That is, if you change the contents of a file that has been backed up, the server will keep the old version (up to 6 of them), and backup the new version. You can recover any of these old versions by contacting us.

When a user deletes a file, our backup server keeps the newest version for 30 days. You can recover the latest version in that first 30 days, after recovery will not be possible. Previous versions of a file deleted by the user will not be saved.

If you need to recover an older version of a file, or a deleted file, please contact (

Data retention policy

When a project starts, it must have completion date. Once a user leaves DeepSense, a project is completed, or the completion date passes, it is expected that user will take their results, and remove their data in a timely fashion. Data may be purged 30 days after the project is completed. This can be extended to three months, if required. To do so, contact ( Please include a paragraph justifying your need.

For users working on multiple projects, their home directory will remain until they are done with all projects.