Quota Information and Management

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The filesystems provided are a resource shared by all users. It is expected that users make sensible use of the space, and follow the guidelines outlined here. It is possible the quotas and policies will change in the future, but we will strive to provide plenty of notice.


Filesystem Location Default Quota Grace Period Backed up? Purged? Notes
Home /dshome/subdir/username 1Tb and 500K files per user 7 days yes no subdir may be visitor, research, grad, etc.
Data /data/projectname 2Tb and 500K files per project 7 days yes no
Scratch /scratch/projectname 2Tb and 1M files per project 24 hours no yes Data not accessed in 60 days may be purged

The quotas are the default values. Users requiring additional space should first clean out any old data, and if space is still required, contact (support@deepsense.ca). Please include a paragraph justifying your need.

How Quotas Work

There is a soft limit of 90% of the quota. If you go over this, you will be given the grace period above to clean out old data and try to get below the soft limit. If after the grace period has expired, you are still above the soft limit, you will not be able to write further data. You will never be allowed to write more than the actual quota. If you do reach your quota, we will send you an e-mail notification.

What happens if you are over your quota

If you go over the hard limit will a job is running, it may not be able to write output, and therefore crash. If it can't write output, it also cannot record the reason for the job crashing. Figuring out the reason for the crash will cause undue headaches. Please be aware of how much data you have stored, especially if you are near your quota.

Checking disk usage

You can check how much space you have used on the various filesystems using: /software/scripts/diskusage_report.py. This will show your user quotas, as well as the group quotas for any group you are in.