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The instructions for connecting to the DeepSense platform using SSH will be different depending on your operating system.


Remember, in order to log in to the DeepSense platform you also need to be connected via VPN to the Dalhousie campus. If not, you will see an "access denied" error.

Access Denied

To connect on a Mac, you will need to open a terminal window.

Then you can simply type the command ssh or ssh where 'username' is your CSID.

To simplify matters, you can set up passwordless ssh.

Logging In

Windows 10


On a windows computer, there are several applications you can use to connect to the DeepSense platform. One such option is called Putty. This is a little more complicated than using the terminal on a mac, as there are many more options. The only ones you really need to fill in is the Host Name (IP address). Simply enter or

When it prompts you to "Login as:" enter your CSID, and then your password.

Logging in with Putty